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Carrots and camera by hiro kobayashi

July 3rd to August 1st

Opening Reception : Thursday July 10th, 6pm to 9pm

at Robinson's Camera





I am landscape and portrait photographer resided in Calgary. "Wide Bright" is named after my first name. My first name consists of two kanji (Chinese characters); "Hiro" means wide or broad, and "Aki" means light or bright. Japanese use honorific suffixes for addressing people. "-san" is one them. So I added "Sun" to my first name 'Wide Brigt", insted of "-san" as a joke. Wide Bright Sun means simply Hiroaki-san.


I first grabbed a camera when I was 22 years old (How many years ago?) and moved to Canada in 2000. In 2008, I bought a digital camera since my beloved cameras including one made in 1955 were stolen.


Before I came to Canada, I did not have many chances to see horses. But since a friend of mine let me photograph her horses, I fell love with such a beautiful and gentle animal. When I have a time, I will visit the horses to say hello to them, and photograph their natural behavior. But ocasionally, I hide carrots in my pocket. I am glad to exhibit at Robinson’s Camera in the season of Stampede.


Ever since I have lived in Calgary, I have been drawn to the Canadian Rockies and visit them whenever I have a chance. My approach is to spend a lot of time wandering around an area and then look for the things that inspire me, rather than planning ahead and photographing the iconic spots. It has not been easy to find the perfect time and exact location to tell the photographic story I want to capture and share.


In addition, I still am attracted to film and I continue to take my wooden 4x5 field view camera on trips as shown in the photo above.



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